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How Does DFY Assist 1031 Exhchange Investors?...
Wondering is a 1031 Exchange is right for you and your portfolio? While DFY is not a Qualified Intermediary, we have worked with hundreds of 1031 transaction clients, and assisted in identifying millions of qualified properties for our 1031 Exchange Clients. We can answer your questions and give you a seamless introduction to the proper industry leading Qualified Intermediary for your transaction. Here's a few quick videos that should help introduce DFY and how we serve 1031 clients just like you. 

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We Know That One Of The Most Difficult Aspects Of a 1031 Exchange Is Knowing Where To Invest Next, and Then Identifying The Right Properties For Your Portfolio...
We Are Here To Help And Guide You:
DFY identifies Real Estate Investment Locations on behalf of our clients. We find states, cities, and neighborhoods that can maximize cash flow and potential appreciation, while still being safe neighborhoods where people want to live, thus resulting in tenants who should take care of your home, and faithfully pay you rent.

Between our in-office team, and our "boots on the ground" teams in each of these markets, we can help you maximize safety, cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits, while simultaneously minimizing your risk. Our clients have found that minimizing risk, and increasing safety, has also increased the predictability of their portfolio. Redefining your retirement with real estate investments at the core is more than a investment philosophy DFY believes in, it's an investment system that DFY has proven for our clients for more than a decade.

Excellent Investing Markets 
For 1031 Exchanges
What's The Story Behind Why DFY Clients Love To Do Their 1031 Exchanges With Us?...
Founded over 10 years ago, DFY has helped thousands of clients, across all 50 states, transact over 400 million dollars and over 3500 homes in multiple markets, with the vast majority of those transactions coming from 7 different markets. 

As a leading assistance provider of individual retirement-focused real estate assets, DFY has seen our clients continue to watch their portfolios grow by millions of dollars of equity each year. Individual DFY clients enjoy thousands of dollars of real, spendable cash flows every month, and have seen financial returns averaging anywhere from 7% to 14% annually over the last decade.

DFY first began helping clients transact real estate in Utah in 2007. Following the crash of 2009, DFY expanded to begin helping clients take advantage of the amazing market opportunities in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. After seeing tremendous market recovery in those markets, DFY has transitioned our clients' investment markets once again to take advantage of the current market opportunities that exist in the Eastern half of the United States. DFY clients are now very successfully investing in Indianapolis, Indiana, Memphis, Tennessee, Orlando, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and continue to profitably sell homes they invested in in Utah, Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

To view the investment opportunities in any of the current DFY real estate markets, or to view transactions over the last 5 years, click the button.
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