Learn How To Gain All The Benefits Of A 1031 Exchange Without All The Headache
Need to know the rules, the do's and the don'ts, and the important timelines? Get Access To The Ultimate Guide For 1031 Exchanges And Find Out If a 1031 Exchange is Right For You.
"The DFY staff was extremely helpful in a complicated 1031 exchange to sell a 4-plex and invest in 6 additional residential rental properties. It would have been very difficult to manage all this by myself."
-L.B. Brown, DFY Client
We’ll help you sell your current investment property and then reinvest in a new property without losing money from capital gains taxes. 
Deferring taxes means more money to reinvest in a property with higher investment benefits. We’ll help you find a property that makes you more money. 
Consolidate many properties into one, or exchange a high-maintenance property for a low-maintenance property to save yourself time and hassle. 

How Can You Benefit 
From A 1031 Exchange?
When you sell your interest in investment property, you could incur federal capital gains taxes and state taxes as well. We can help you utilize a 1031 Exchange that would allow you to defer all capital gains taxes by reinvesting the proceeds from an investment property to a new
investment property. This is a powerful tax-deferment strategy that you can leverage with the help of a Qualified Intermediary that we can introduce you to. DFY can go on to even help you find real-estate property that qualifies for your 1031 Exchange with the Qualified Intermediary.
DFY is all about the long-term.
At DFY, our goal is to have real estate investing make your retirement dreams come true. We combine our expertise with a passion for your future. With our knowledge and years of experience, bridging the gap between investments and real estate is so much easier. Work with DFY, and we'll help create the opportunity to replace your income before reaching retirement age.
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Your Retirement with a 1031 Exchange?
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